On Sale! JDSU 8126 VSRe SM Fiber Optic OTDR Module–

On Sale! JDSU 8126 VSRe SM Fiber Optic OTDR Module–

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Acterna JDSU Wavetek 8126 VSRe OTDR

JDSU 8126 VSRe SingleMode 1310 / 1550nm OTDR Module

For Use With T-BERD 6000 6000A And 8000 OTDR Mainframes!
(OTDR Mainframes Are Not Included In Sale!)

Dynamic Range:
1310 / 1550 nm : 32 / 30 dB

8126VSRe 8126-VSRe

Acterna JDSU 8126 VSRe 8126VSRe OTDR Module Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

8126 VSRe Singlemode OTDR Module

The new JDSU Very Short Range (VSR) OTDR Module for the MTS/T-Berd 8000 and MTS/T-Berd 6000 product platforms provides the needed performance with maximum efficiency for any access/FTTx/Metro network test application.

In the telecommunication market of today, OTDR est solutions must be cost-effective, easy-to-operate and flexible for optimum use in all testing conditions.

The MTS/T-Berd product line has built a solid worldwide reputation based on cutting-edge design and performance. Compatibility with thousands of field-proven units deployed worldwide by every major telecommunications network operator enables easy migration to new network technologies while continuing to reduce expenses.

Fast and precise fault location
Fast detection
Precise fault location
One button automation
No specific setting required
Distance, loss, and ORL measurements
Ideal for construction and maintenance
Fully automatic or manual modes
Templates for multi fiber acquisitions
Automatic, semi-automatic, or manual measurments
Multitrace display for trace comparison
Auto filenaming and auto storage with comprehensive cable and fiber identification
Macrobend detection

Acterna JDSU Wavetek Testers  8126 VSRe


Typical specifications at 25°C
Optical interfaces
Applicable fiber SMF 9/125 µm
Interchangeable optical connectors FC, SC, DIN, ST, LC
Weight 600g (1.1lbs)
Size 213 x 124 x 32 mm
(8.38 x 4.88 x 1.26 in)
OTDR Optical performance
Central wavelength 1310/1550 nm
±20 nm
Laser safety class (21 CFR) Class 1M
Pulsewidth 10 ns to 10µs ns
Distance range Up to 200 km
RMS Dynamic Range 32dB / 30dB
Event dead zone 2m
Attenuation dead zone 8m
Technical characteristics
Distance units Kilometers, feet, and miles
Group index range 1.30000 to 1.70000 in
0.00001 steps
Number of data points Up to 128,000 data points
Distance measurement Automatic or dual cursor
Display span 2.6 m to 200 km
Cursor resolution 1 cm
Sampling resolution 4 cm
Accuracy ±1 m ±sampling resolution ±1.10-5 x distance
(Excluding group index uncertainties)
Attenuation measurement
Automatic, manual, 2-point, 5-point, and LSA
Display span 1.25 dB to 55 dB
Display resolution 0.001 dB
Cursor resolution 0.001 dB
Linearity ±0.03 dB/dB
Threshold 0.01 to 5.99 dB in 0.01 dB steps
Reflectance/ORL measurements
Automatic or manual
Uncertainty +/-2dB
Display resolution 0.01 dB
Threshold -11 dB to -99 dB in 1 dB steps
Bellcore/Telcordia compatible
Version1.1 and Version 2.0

Condition: Refurbished / Calibrated
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


JDSU 8126VSRe SingleMode OTDR Module (BC# 21367 21368)
SM OTDR Source:

8126 VSRe

JDSU 8126 VSRe Spec Sheet


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